Bugs And Quirks

This page is for discussion of all bugs and quirks relating to the wikidot syntax and for tracking outstanding issues raised with wikidot relating to these issues.

Please check the community portal for any known issues. Although it may be faster to list the issue here, then check the portal - because if you've encountered it, undoubtedly someone else has as well.

Bugs and Bug Tracking

  • It is not possible to float:right the info-box as well as have a side bar on the right.
  • The info-box sometimes inherits the text size from the main document body which looks ugly.
  • Removing the sidebar has meant there is no easy way to have a add a page button on every page. This has been dropped to the Pages > Add a Page for the moment. Ideally would like this next to the search box on the header.


  • The info box entries unfortunately are white space significant. In particular, if you add a link into an info box, you have to end the link with a space, after the final ']]]', otherwise it breaks the display of the info box.
  • The pcg-games type should really be the pcg-game type. It's probably already too much effort to change this globally.

Feature Requests

  • The info box format appears to be moving towards an adhoc database. It would be good if this would be explicitly mapped to a database model, allowing queries against information in the info box.

Resolved issues

  • The initial queries Andrew Doull raised when first setting up the wiki are listed here. You may want to check this, as its a good example of 'my first wiki' questions and misunderstandings about the wikidot syntax.
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