Height Maps

A height map is a system that stores terrain by representing height (Z) as a function of horizontal position (X,Y), that is Z = f(X,Y). In other words, every place has exactly one altitude, a height map cannot directly represent caves or overhangs.

A height map isn't so much of a PCG technique, as much as it is a data structure that can be used as output or input to a PCG algorithm. For example, Simplex Noise can be output as a height map, turning a 2D grid of values into a 3D surface. Any Texture Synthesis technique can be used to generate terrain by mapping the color of each pixel to altitude.

Code Example

Shamus Young has a series of articles on an engine for displaying height maps. The first page gives some background, including some of the limitations of height maps.

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Eskil Steenberg describes techniques he uses to make Love, including the height map (look under the "Engines" heading).
Height Maps - Wikipedia article on Height maps.

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