Mad Libs


Mad Libs is a technique jokingly named after the word game of the same name. It's often used as a reference to an algorithm, which fills the blanks in a hand made (as opposed to procedurally generated) script.
For example:
"Please, you must help me! My _ has been stolen by _ !"
where the algorithm could fill:
"Please, you must help me! My teddy has been stolen by goblins!"

An advanced version allows more varied speech:
"[greeting]. [I_am] [name_self]. [offer_trade].
Where there are multiple outcomes depending on the npc and culture, etc.
"Hail traveler! My name is Haraldur. Would you like to buy something?"
"Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Marquee. Care to barter?"
"Good day to ya! Ya can call me Lambad. Ya wouldn't be interested in some quality wares, would ya?"

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