Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Gathering
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Perspective: isometric
Platforms: PC
License: proprietary
PCG Types: random map generation

Age of Wonders Shadow Magic is a late stand-alone sequel (pseudo-expansion) to Age of Wonders 2. The Age of Wonders series is known for being a particularly good high quality turn based strategy game. It was one of the relatively few turn based games still being produced by commercial developers at the time. It's arguably one of the best turn based fantasy games ever made, although relatively few people know of it.

Unlike any of the previous games in the Age of Wonders series, Age of Wonders Shadow Magic features random map generation, which extends the replayablity of the game considerably.

Also, Age of Wonders Shadow Magic has a significantly more humorous campaign than any of the previous games.

Although Triumph Studios planned an MMO after Age of Wonders Shadow Magic, the company seems to have died out.

On a trivia side note, the original composer for Age of Wonders 1, Michiel van den Bos, later went on to work on the music of Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament. Age of Wonders 1 was known for having great music, among its cult following.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

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