Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth

Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Perspective: isometric
License: Open-Source GPL

Battle for Wesnoth is a free open-source turn-based fantasy game. Like most fantasy games its game world is heavily influenced by the Lord of the Rings and D&D. The game is graphical and uses hexagonal tiles.

The game features numerous different offical playable factions and there is also an abundance of community made add-ons which often contain large amounts of additional content. For example, some add-ons feature a substantial number of new playable races/factions.

Although it uses a lot of hand-made maps usually, it does have a descent random map generator available. The random map generator is somewhat hidden away and is not highly advertised by the game developers.

You can reach it through the following menu sequence once the game starts up:

Multiplayer —> Local Game, followed by scrolling down to the bottom of the "Map to play" box then clicking on one of the maps entitled "Random map…". Once one of these maps is selected a couple of additional buttons will appear to the left of the map menu named "Regenerate" and "Settings…" which will allow you to customize the map generation process. These buttons will only appear for these special random map types.

The Multiplayer —> Local Game will allow you to play arbitrary scenarios in single-player mode if you click on the Player/Type button located in each row defining a faction participating in the match and change it to "Computer Player" so that the AI will be used instead.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

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