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Developer: Stan Patton
Designer: Stan Patton
Released: 2009
Genre: Puzzle
Modes: Single player
Perspective: {$perspective}
Website: website no longer available


BlockRogue is a procedurally-generated puzzle game in the vein of Sokoban or The Adventures of Lolo. In BlockRogue, the hero finds himself in a strange labyrinth and suffering from amnesia. Thankfully his memories were preserved behind magical mirrors. As the hero progresses, he finds out more and more about why he is in the dungeon and what he must do.

The game starts out with mere block-pushing puzzles. At Depth 6, roller balls are added. At Depth 11, toggle blocks are added. At Depth 16, deadly laser statues are added. Finally, at Depth 25, the dungeon ends.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

Each puzzle room in BlockRogue is procedurally generated using a reverse-engineering algorithm with both pre-generation parameters and post-generation bruteforce imperatives.

In the main mode ("Story"), the initial seed is always the same. There are two additional modes, "Random" and "Endless." Endless mode is an experiment in implementing a "deterministic eternity," where procedural generation is used not to randomize the experience, but to make the experience boundless.

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