Depths Of Peril

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Depths of Peril

Developer: Soldak Entertainment
Series: diablo-clones
Released: September 5, 2007
Genre: Role-playing game
Modes: Single player
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Download: Demo available at
PCG Types: runtime-random-level-generation


This independently made RPG has been praised for its complex and more importantly deep gameplay. You adventure through a dynamically changing world as the head of an adventuring group known as a Covenant and compete with other Covenants to complete quests for prestige, or by directly attacking them.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

While the world itself is randomly generated, it also behaves dynamically. The other Covenants can complete quests that you could assign. Also, there are consequences if a quest is not completed by anyone. From the Gamesradar review:

A monstrous hero arises in the wasteland. There’s a quest to kill him. If no one does, he may gather a band of monsters to him. And then he leads to an uprising, leading to more baddies in the area. If left untouched for long enough, they’re going to storm the village. NPCs can be captured and kidnapped - generating more quests and… well, it’s Diablo meets STALKER - and that’s a STALKER that’s far more alive than GSC’s world ended up being.

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