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Developer: Borderline Interactive
Designer: Leif Dehmelt
Engine: Doom 3
Genre: Action RPG
Perspective: {$perspective}
Latest Version: 8.2 / 2007-06-24
Download: DungeonDoom 8.2
Website: DungeonDoom hosted site
PCG Types: procedural-generation


DungeonDoom is a 3D roguelike created as a mod of the computer game Doom 3.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

In an interview published on Mod DB Leif Dehmelt describes his approach to procedural generation of the game world:

In classic Rogue-likes, the mazes were always different every time you re-entered them. I really disliked this "feature" because it just does not make sense. In Diablo, the mazes were generated randomly once at the start of a new game, but were constant afterwards, so you could start to memorize their layout for future walks. I took the same approach in DungeonDoom. From a technical point of view, these are just generated by a modified recursive maze generation algorithm. Then, torches are not added everywhere giving further variability in appearance. Finally, podests are raised or removed and the ceiling height is adjusted to add further complexity. In the newest version 8XP, an additional randomly generated wilderness is included. Here you find tree-like foliage generated by randomly placed and rotated branches. The wilderness is also effectively endless (it is basically procedurally generated). Still, if you come back to the same "tree" during one game play round, it will always look exactly the same.

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