Elf Treetop City

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Elf Treetop City
Title Screen
Title screen
On entering the game
On entering the game

Developer: Sean Barrett
Designer: Sean Barrett
Released: July 18, 2008
Genre: God game, Roguelikes
Modes: Single player
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
License: Freeware
Latest Version: v1.37 / July 18, 2008
Website: http://silverspaceship.com/elfcity/
PCG Types: Runtime random level generation
Instancing of in-game entities


Indirectly referred to as a parody of Dwarf Fortress, this game purports to be the only fantasy colonization simulation you'll ever need.

As a poster on TIGForums describes it:

For those who hadn't figured it out yet … yes, this game is a joke.
The elves refuse to log down any trees (What sane elf would do such a thing?!??!!) which means no lumber for buildings. And when you build sleeping cots out of branches, the elves fall asleep high up in the tree … and then roll over and fall out and die.
Then the bunnies come.
Alternately you can just let your elves wander around the trees attempting to be gardeners or fairy-wranglers or whatever.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

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