Federation Of Free Traders
Federation Of Free Traders
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Developer: Paul Blythe
Publisher: Gremlin
Released: 1998
Genre: Space trading and combat simulator
Modes: Single player
Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST
PCG Types: dynamic-world-generation

From a review by Andy Storer in the October 1988 issue of ST Amiga Format:

A perfect game could be one that is open-ended. There's no finite point at which you can say it's over - there's sufficient depth, breadth and randomness to ensure you slot it in your drive time after time. Federation may not be perfect, but it has all these qualities in amongst its immense play area of 10^34 square miles of galactic space. With the legendary Elite finally making it onto the 68000, you can judge just how much the space trading adventure genre has changed in the three years that feel like decades.

And it states on the topic of generated play area size:

The Federation of Free Traders is an adventure in which you can choose to trade between 32,768 galaxies each comprising 256 solar systems of 16 planets in your Hartley MkII starship.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

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