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FUEL is an open world racing game.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

The technology behind FUEL is based on a concept to procedurally generate data on the fly instead of just loading and decompressing it. Today’s hardware now has enough parallel processing power to procedurally create high quality environments, in real-time, while the player is moving around the world. Generated environments are optimized and arranged to get the best performance out of the machine’s hardware. As a result, the player gets the maximum amount of detail and quality of environments displayed on screen and a 40km draw distance. Generated doesn’t mean random though, it’s the same result every time, and owing to the locations we chose is in many cases accurate to satellite data, we just took some liberties for the sake of design, i.e. putting all our favourite locations in one map.

-David Brickley, producer (from an interview at rockpapershotgun).

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