Lost Labyrinth

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Lost Labyrinth

Genre: graphical roguelike
Modes: singleplayer
Perspective: 2D
Platforms: PC
License: proprietary
Website: http://www.lostlabyrinth.com/index.php?p=start
PCG Types: random map generation

Lost Labyrinth is a graphical roguelike , designed to be easy to pick up and challenging. The game developers classify it as being a coffeebreak roguelike. The game has sound and music, unlike many other roguelikes.

You design your character by picking from a number of different skills and/or disadvantages to customize it to your liking.

Unlike many other roguelikes, fighting or killing enemies never gives you any experience. The only way to level up in Lost Labyrinth is to travel down the stairs. The game seems to always ensure that the stairs are far enough away to be challenging.

As you go down levels the maps tend to get progressively larger, and maintaining food and water supplies can become quite challenging in the late game.

The game also has various special zone levels that appear sometimes in levels as portals. Entering these can sometimes be a very risky choice.

There are two branches of the game available. The second branch is where most modern development continues, although both branches are separately maintained. The first branch, the "Classic" version, was the original game. The second branch draws more from modern commercial games, and clearly has borrowed from Diablo.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

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External Links

Lost Labyrinth Old Version - The official website for the original classic version of Lost Labyrinth (borrows less from Diablo)
Lost Labyrinth Classic Version - The official website for the new version of Lost Labyrinth (borrows more from Diablo)
Lost Labyrinth Enhanced Edition - The official website for the new version of Lost Labyrinth DX (Enhanced Edition)

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