Mount & Blade
Mount & Blade

Developer: TaleWorlds
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Designer: Armagan Yavuz
Released: In development
Genre: Sandbox, Simulation, Action RPG
Modes: Single player
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
License: Commercial, Demo available for personal use
PCG Types: runtime-random-level-generation,

Mount & Blade is a medieval combat and open-world simulator, which features an emphasis on horse-mounted hand to hand combat similar to combat styles prevalent in 14th C Europe.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

From the Wikipedia entry:

Combat takes place on a separate map from the world map. The battlefield features randomly-generated terrain and is influenced by nearby terrain on the world map. Random weather effects, such as fog, rain, and snow are present and affect combat.

From the StrategyWiki entry:

Mount & Blade is completely non-linear; you can go wherever you want and do whatever you like with very few exceptions. All quests are randomly generated.

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