Developer: Kingsley Harrison
Publisher: US Gold
Designer: Grant Harrison, Jason Kinglsey
Released: 1990
Genre: Adventure game
Modes: Single player
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, DOS
PCG Types: procedural-puzzles-and-plot-generation


A murder mystery. The player moves from room to room questioning suspects and examining objects, along the lines of Cluedo. Features the classic use of isometric graphics.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

From one of the game's reviews:

The game unfolds with a newspaper story announcing how a sleuth has been called in to investigate an unsolved murder in a stately home. By altering the dates and the names you can change the parameters of the game making it more difficult and generating a different set of possibilities. This way, you can either go back to a murder you failed to solve, or create a new game. Ther are, according to the autors, nearly three million possible games so you should not find yourself playing old games too often.

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