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Subversion was a possible Introversion product which for a period of time was being prototyped. Eventually it was sidelined in favour of a more compelling project. It became relatively well known for its use of procedural city generation, through the blog posts made detailing its prototypical development progress.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

Over the course of the development of the prototype, posts were made to the Introversion blog by Chris Delay detailing the procedural generation efforts.

This is a overview of the initial relevant blog posts:

In It's all in your head, Part 7 the paper "Procedural modelling of cities" is mentioned as his starting point. And with the last entry, he states that the city generation in general was considered to be in a decent enough state to move onto other aspects of game development.

The Subversion development blog posts are now collected together by Introversion.

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