Designer: Rhys Paul Hovey
Perspective: {$perspective}
Download: Windows, Windows 64 bit
PCG Types: procedural-generation

From ModDB:

SYNTH is a new alternative video game for a high-end MS windows PC's. SYNTH was designed and developed by Rhys Paul Hovey. In it's current version (0.909) it has been over a year in the making.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

From ModDB:

SYNTH is 100% mathematically / proceedurally generated. This means that for all of SYNTH's graphics and levels, there is a mathematical function or process from which it was made, making it a very difficult game to program, and in the end quite scalable and unusual. Typically the graphics in a video game are "modeled" by artists with mouse and pen-like touch pads. Everything in SYNTH has a mathematical / algorithmic representation.

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