Umbrarum Regnum
Umbrarum Regnum
Developer: Mingos
Genre: RogueLike
Modes: single player only


Umbrarum Regnum, aka UR, is a defunct roguelike project. It was powered by Jice's libtcod, a library that provides a true colour console display along with a set of useful tools like keyboard input, image handling or Perlin noise generators.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

UR made heavy use of fractional Brownian motion, i.e. Perlin noise added into itself several times in different scales. Starting from the background noise in the main menu, the noise is more or less visible at nearly all moments. It is used mainly for procedural terrain generation. Forests and clearings placement is defined by fBm, caves are generated from it, even rivers that serpent through some local maps (the latter depend not only on noise, but also on pathfinding and some math tricks).

External Links - libtcod - former UR site, now a programming blog with all the old UR dev articles

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