External Links


Ascii Dreams - UnAngband development blog by Andrew Doull.
Chris Hecker's Website - Website of Chris Hecker, one of the developers of Spore.
Game of Design features an ongoing article series on Procedural Storytelling.
Introversion Blog - Chris Delay and others: Ongoing blog of development of the Subversion dynamic random level generator.
PlayTechs: Programming for Fun - James McNeill's programming blog.
Quel Solaar - Eskil Steenberg's development blog for the game Love.
Togelius - Julian Togelius' personal blog featuring his paper on automatic game design.
Expressive Intelligence Studio - EIS at Santa Cruz.
Infiniverse - Development blog of Infiniverse.
Dungeon League - Development blog of Dungeon League.
Twak's blog - Developer of City Generator.
Nullpointer - Development blog of Tom Betts, lead developer at Big Robot.
Procedural World - Development blog of Miguel Cepero.
Twenty Sided - Development blog of Shamus Young.
rune|vision - Development blog of Rune Skovbo Johansen.
Osiris - Procedural Universe development blog of John Whigham
Games by ANGELINA - Development/Research blog of Michael Cook, automated game design researcher.
Wayfar 1444 Dev Blog - dev blog for Wayfar 1444, a sci fi multiplayer roguelike.


Open Problems in Simulation and Story Analysis - Ethan Kennerly
A Survey of Procedural Methods in Entertainment Computing - Mores Prachyabrued
RoadsAFar - Project proposal page for a procedural world generation project by Jess Martin.

Development Resources

Think Labyrinth - Walter D. Pullen: Everything you could possibly want to know about maze generation.
libpcg is a small library for procedural content generation.
Text Elite - Ian Bell: A C implementation of the classic Elite trading system in a text adventure style shell (36 kb).
The PCG Book - An on-going book about PCG and their relation with videogames, by a whole group dedicated to explore the capabilities and reach of PCG on videogames.

Forum/Comment threads

Braving Procedural Generation thread on TIGsource.
Procedural Content Generation google group.
Slashdot article on procedural content generation.
Monday Space Shot - Thread on Rock Paper Shotgun on Infinity: The Quest for Earth.
Conjecture by Cory Doctorow that PCG will lead to an increasing number of 'abandonware worlds' where only a few players still explore an infinite space.


Tarn Adams interviewed by John Harris - Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress interviewed on Gamasutra.
Tarn Adams interviewed by Geek Nights - Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress interviewed on Geek Nights.


The Future of Content - Will Wright keynote on Spore & procedural generation at the Game Developers Conference 2005.
Practical Procedural Generation for Everyone - Kate Compton Game Developers conference 2017.

Web forums

Civ Fanatics - Forum dedicated to Civilization IV map design.
TIGSource Game Competition forum - The Independent Gaming Source forums, which feature a PCG game competition.
Game Engine Technology Forum - Forum for the Tribal Trouble game engine


Donjon - Donjon random dungeon generator, fractal world generator, RPG name generators and other resources.
Spore.com - Official website for Spore.
Retro PC Games download - Site featuring a number older games.
Azmyth - Open source procedural generation framework written in C#

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