A generated dungeon
A generated dungeon

Developer: Peter Henningsen
Released: 2002
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
License: GNU GPL
Latest Version: 2.05 / January 20, 2006
Download: SourceForge downloads
Website: http://dungeonmaker.sourceforge.net/
PCG Types: runtime-random-level-generation


DungeonMaker is a tool envisioned for a range of different tasks. From generating maps to use in pen and paper role-playing games, to generating game content to use in computer role-playing games.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

From the manual:

First, you can put as many pre-placed design elements into the dungeon as you like, such as guaranteed-open spaces, or rooms and walls. You can use these to place special NPC's and other story hooks, for which you want a specific environment. The DungeonMaker then constructs a random dungeon around these pre-placed elements. This is done by a population of Builders, little alife-agents which scurry through the dungeon, leaving walls or tunnels in their wake.

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DungeonMaker manual on the SourceForge web site.

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