Publisher: Intel
Released: November 12, 2008
Genre: Tech-demo
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
License: Intel Sample Source Code
PCG Types: Fire Propagation, Plant Generation


A tech demo from Intel with source code provided which illustrates the writing of multithreaded game engines, able to take advantage of all available cores.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

To quote the website, Smoke features "procedurally generated fire that spreads dynamically and realistically". An article was published which pictured the fire propagation technique implemented within the game engine and went into detail about it.

The demo also includes a Procedural Tree library with full source code available in the download.

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External Links

Video - Overview of the technologies used in the tech demo.
Video - In depth demonstration and explanation of the tech demo.
Article - An overview of procedural fire.
Article - A Gamasutra article titled "Performance Scaling With Cores: Introducing The SMOKE Framework."
Procedural Fire and Procedural Trees in a Virtual World - Presentation of the procedural aspects of SMOKE at GameFest 2008.
Architecting an N-Way Threaded Scalable Game Engine - Presentation of SMOKE at GameFest 2008.

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