.werkkzeug3TE starting up
.werkkzeug3TE starting up

Developer: .theprodukkt
Released: 2004
Genre: demomaker
Perspective: {$perspective}
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
License: freeware
Website: http://www.werkkzeug.com/


.werkkzeug was an innovative tool designed to facilitate use of procedural generation to the highest extent feasible in the demos authored using it. Two different versions are available:

  • .werkkzeug1: The original older version of the tool provides the full "demo-making" functionality.
  • .werkkzeug3 TE: The latest and most up-to-date version, is the only one available from the official website. It only includes the functionality needed to procedurally generate textures, hence the TE (texture edition) label.


Screenshot of .werkkzeug1 editing the.popular.demo .werkkzeug file

There is a wealth of example material to examine. The install comes with a comprehensive tutorial in the form of a .werkkzeug file (tutorial 133.k1). In it the different operators and operations that can be performed are described in detail and can be executed in place by the user. A winning demo by .theprodukkt created using .werkkzeug1 called the.popular.demo is available for download in its original .werkkzeug file form.

.werkkzeug3 TE



2003 - Assembly: A history of Farbrausch tools. Presented by Dierk Ohlerich. Slides are available here.
2004 - Assembly: A workshop of .werkkzeug1. Presented by Dierk Ohlerich.
2004 - Assembly: .kkrieger - Content creation in 96kb. Presented by Thomas Mahlke and Christoph Muetze.
2008 - NVScene: From .kkrieger to debris. Procedural Content Generation Taken to Extremes. Presented by Dierk Ohlerich.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

Procedural texture generation is a core part of .werkkzeug1, and was singled out as worthwhile functionality to release within .werkzeug3TE.

External Links

.werkkzeug - Wikipedia entry.
werkwiki - Internet archive version of the "werkwiki" wiki which documented tips and tricks to do with using .werkkzeug1.

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