Visual Nature Studio (World Construction Set)
World Construction Set/Visual Nature Studio

Developer: Gary R. Huber, Chris Hanson
Publisher: 3D Nature, LLC
Released: August 1994
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Platforms: Windows
License: Proprietary
Media: DVD-ROM
Latest Version: 3.02 / Nov 13, 2008


Visual Nature Studio (and it's predecessor and little brother, World Construction Set) are tools for creating detailed 3D Landscapes and vegetation from existing terrain data or procedural fractal terrains. A large 2D vegetation library is included along with tools for creating roads, lakes, streams and other terrain modifications. 3D models can be imported and added to the scene, and there are extensive features for creating photorealistic skies with atmospherics and sophisticated lighting and shadowing. Designed for the GIS and CAD industry, there is no way to export the procedural data, but the final terrain model (and non-terrain features like vegetation and 3d models) can be exported to a variety of output formats (3DS, Lightwave, VRML, OpenFlight) using the Scene Express exporter add-on. VNS includes a photorealistic (non-realtime) animation and rendering engine for creating hi-res still images or AVI/Quicktime animations.

Use of Procedural Content Generation Methods

Procedural terrain (fbm, multifractal, etc), materials and textures, clouds, vegetation placement (rules of nature) water (lakes and streams).

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