Rescue On Fractalus!
Rescue on Fractalus!
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| screenshot-caption=Rescue on Fractalus! on the Atari 5200
| developer=Lucasfilm Computer Division Games Group
| publisher=Lucasfilm Games
| designer=Peter Langston
| released=1984
| platforms=8-bit
| image=@@
| image-caption=@@
| series=@@
| engine=@@
| genre=Simulation
| modes=@@
| rating=@@
| platforms=8-bit
| media=@@
| requirements=@@
| input=@@
| latest_release_version=@@
| latest_release_date=@@
| license=@@
| website=@@
| pcg-types=@@
| download=@@


Rescue on Fractalus! was a very early (if not the first) game making use of fractal landscape generation. The game has the player piloting a spacecraft across a procedurally-generated fractal landscape to rescue downed pilots. The graphics are very simple but effective — the silhouette of the fractal mountain range is displayed against the sky, and a black grid is overlaid on the mountain range for perspective.

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